Up to 75% of children could benefit from braces. Is your child one of them?

If your child is still young, you may think it’s too soon for orthodontic treatment. Luckily, Invisalign First is now available for children up to ten years old!

But what is Invisalign First? How does it work, and how do you know if it’s right for your little one? Read on to learn all of the answers to these questions and more.

What Is Invisalign First for Kids? 

Invisalign First is the newest form of Invisalign treatment, and it’s available for patients who would otherwise be considered too young for orthodontic work. That’s right: Invisalign First is for children that are between the ages of six and ten. 

So why start that young? 

Children between the ages of six and ten are still early in their development. By starting Invisalign treatment early, they’ll be set up for better oral health and alignment in the future. Their teeth and jaws are still developing and they’re still malleable, so it’s the perfect time for early orthodontic treatment. 

Invisalign First is a type of Phase One treatment. This means it’s the earliest type of treatment and it will hopefully prevent the need for advanced orthodontic work in the future. 

What Conditions Can Invisalign First Treat? 

So what is Invisalign First even for? Can you identify orthodontic issues when a child is so young? 

In many cases, yes. Once the child has lost their baby teeth, an orthodontist can examine them for signs of future orthodontic issues that could be treated or prevented with Invisalign First. The child’s jaw is still developing, but Invisalign First can help it develop properly. 

Invisalign First can help treat or prevent crowding, gaps, and common bite issues (such as overbites and underbites). This may help your child prevent things like speech impediments and impacted teeth. It can also improve the child’s overall oral health as it may prevent cavities, chips, and breaks that could result from misalignment. 

The Treatment Process

So how do you go about getting Invisalign First for your child? 

Your child’s dentist may recommend orthodontic treatment, or, at the very least, discuss their concerns with you. If that’s the case, that’s the perfect opportunity for you to make an appointment with your friendly local orthodontist at Ello Orthodontics. 

During your child’s first appointment, the orthodontist will arrange x-rays and examine your child’s teeth. If the orthodontist believes that your child is ready for phase one treatment, you may be able to start the process same-day.

The orthodontist will discuss your options as well as how much everything costs and how long they expect treatment to take. You can take your time and think about whether or not it’s the right option for your child or you can start right away.

If your child isn’t yet ready for treatment, your orthodontist may have you return in a year.

If you choose to start right away, the orthodontist will scan your child’s teeth and jaw to send to Invisalign headquarters. In a matter of weeks, your child will receive their Invisalign clear aligners. They’ll change their aligners every week to slowly straighten their teeth. 

During future appointments, the orthodontist will check your child’s progress. If there are any problems, they may request more aligners from Invisalign headquarters for adjustments. 

The total treatment time will depend on your child’s specific orthodontic needs as well as how well they adhere to the orthodontist’s instructions.

Benefits of Invisalign First Treatment 

Let’s talk about why Invisalign First treatment may be right for your child! There are plenty of great things about Invisalign as an alternative to other treatment options. Here’s a quick rundown. 

Early Intervention

Early intervention can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to orthodontic work. 

When children are young, their teeth and bones are easier to move. They also heal more quickly. Because of this, orthodontic treatment will be more beneficial and less uncomfortable. 

It can prevent future orthodontic issues that would be harder to fix. For example, it can prevent or fix an overly narrow jaw which would result in crowding and impacted teeth. 

Better Overall Oral Health

When a child has misaligned teeth, they may struggle to keep them clean. Flossing and brushing between crowded teeth is a challenge, especially for children who are still learning how to brush and floss correctly. 

With Invisalign First, your child’s teeth will be in better alignment, making it easier for them to brush and floss. During treatment, they’ll also be brushing after every meal which will help them establish good oral health habits. 

More Comfortable

Many parents may only be familiar with traditional metal braces. Those may be painful for young children.

Invisalign clear aligners are far more comfortable. While they cause some soreness, there are no pinchy or painful wires to cut into gums. They’re more tolerable for most children. 

Minimal Impact on Diet and Activities

When a child has braces, they have to change what they eat and they may miss out on some activities (like playing instruments or sports). With Invisalign, this isn’t a problem.

Children can remove their aligners when they eat or when they do activities that aren’t aligner-friendly. As long as the child wears their aligners for the recommended amount of time every day, they will be fine.

Is Invisalign First Right for Every Child? 

Invisalign First is right for many children, but not all. Some children may not be ready for orthodontic treatment at such a young age.

Some children may not be responsible enough for Invisalign First. Make sure your child is able to brush their own teeth and that they are capable of keeping an eye on their aligners after they remove them. It’s not uncommon for small children to accidentally throw away aligners on lunch trays, for example. 

Your child’s orthodontist will help you decide whether or not Invisalign First is the right option at this time. 

Are You Ready to Start Invisalign First?

If you think Invisalign First is right for your little one, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to talk to an orthodontist in Pearland, TX about starting treatment! Early treatment can set your child up for fantastic oral health in the future with only minimal discomfort.

At Ello Orthodontics, we’re offering Invisalign First to our youngest patients. Contact us for a free consultation today.