Kids undergo many changes during their teenage years. Aside from getting used to all the hormones, they also have to adjust to new bodily changes. Because of this, it can be easy to feel out of place when they don’t look like everyone else.

2 in 3 teenagers dislike taking pictures due to low self-esteem. This is where parents can step in to help their children build confidence.

If you’re looking into tooth alignment options, you could consider golden braces. This article contains the benefits of golden braces for your teen. Read on to find out more.

1. Look Good, Feel Good

Your teen deserves to feel confident in their smile. Braces have given teens a new way to express themselves and embrace their new looks. Many dentists allow their patients to mix and match different band colors to reflect their personalities.

In the same fashion, gold braces can enhance a person’s physical appearance. Nothing says confidence like gold-plated teeth. If your teen believes they look good, they can start feeling better about themselves.

Golden braces are also a good conversation starter. Your teen may find themselves making more friends due to their braces.

2. Hypoallergenic

Nickel allergies are more common than most people think. Over ten percent of Americans have a nickel allergy, including 11 million children. Nickel allergies can cause redness, dry patching, itching, and, sometimes, blisters.

Nickel allergies are a common struggle in orthodontic care. Traditional silver braces consist of titanium and nickel alloys, which can prevent some from getting the care they need.

This is where gold braces can come in handy. Gold brackets are nickel-free, making them a good alternative to traditional silver braces. People who don’t have nickel allergy but have sensitive mouths may also benefit from this.

3. Easy to Clean

Oral hygiene is essential regardless of your age. Teens can experience a lot of stress due to schoolwork and pressure, which makes them susceptible to forgetting to brush their teeth. One of the best things about gold braces is that they’re easy to clean.

Gold is less likely to attract bacteria, meaning your teen will not have to struggle with plaque build-up. However, that doesn’t mean your child should forgo brushing their teeth at least twice daily. If left alone for too long, plaque can result in tooth decay and gum disease.

People with traditional braces need to be extra careful because it can be difficult to clean plaque hiding in the small corners of their mouths. With gold braces, this isn’t as big of a problem, but it remains essential to practice good hygiene.

4. Non-Toxic

Humans have used gold for cosmetic and medical purposes for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians sprinkled gold dust into their food to purify the mind, body, and soul. Ancient China used gold to treat everything from skin ulcers to measles.

This is a good example of how gold has been tried and tested for human use. Gold is non-toxic and less reactive than other metals used in dentistry. Because it’s non-reactive, it’s less prone to corrosion.

5. More Comfortable Mouth Feeling

The first few days of having braces will be the most painful. Your teen will likely experience difficulty eating. It can also take some time to get used to having metal brackets and wires in their mouths.

If your teen has sensory issues, they may benefit from using gold braces. Gold is a soft metal, unlike silver or stainless steel. It can provide a more comfortable mouth feeling and is less likely to irritate the gums.

6. Strong and Durable

Even though gold is soft, it’s one of the strongest metals in the world. There’s a reason why many people use gold in jewelry and other luxury products. Gold isn’t prone to breakage and can last long, even with excessive wear and tear.

Gold is gentle on the teeth, so your teen won’t have to worry about damaging their pearly whites. At the same time, it’s strong enough that it won’t break or come loose at the worst possible time.

7. Easily Customizable

Not so long ago, the only way to customize braces was to get different band colors for every adjustment. Some patients like to alternate colors or use different colors for their upper and lower rows. Thanks to medical innovations, gold is now a viable option for orthodontic treatment.

In addition, gold is easy to mold into any shape. Dentists can customize gold braces to match your teen’s teeth. After taking an impression of your teen’s teeth, they will be able to customize a set with the right size and shape.

This is also why gold braces are more comfortable than silver or stainless steel braces.

8. As Effective as Other Braces

With all the benefits of gold braces, you may be wondering, “What’s the catch?” Is it less effective than other forms of treatment? The answer is: not at all!

Gold braces are as effective as other types of braces. The only thing you may need to worry about is that gold comes at a more premium price.

9. Long-Term Health Benefits

All parents want their children to be in good health at all times. Braces are an investment in your child’s health and well-being.

Crooked teeth aren’t only a cosmetic issue – if left alone for too long, they can cause various health issues. Crooked teeth are often a result of overcrowding. This can create easier hiding spots for bacteria and plaque.

If left alone for too long, your child can develop oral cavities. In some cases, crooked teeth can cause TMJ disorder and chronic headaches. Gold braces are an effective way to get straight teeth, and your teen will enjoy their long-term health benefits.

Talk to a Dentist About Golden Braces Today

Golden braces are as effective as other types of braces. In addition, they’re hypoallergenic and easier to maintain. The only catch is that golden braces can be a little more expensive.

If you’re interested in getting your teen started on braces, contact us today. We’ll walk you through your options and help you determine if golden braces are right for your teen.