The demand for the services of orthodontists took a hit during the early days of the pandemic in the United States. However, the market is back and bigger than ever, worth more than $19 billion every year. On average, this industry has enjoyed a growth rate of about 4% each year since 2018.

One of the reasons this industry is so robust is that it continues to produce new technology. In the past, most adults never even considered getting braces if they did not have them when they were young. However, Invisalign for teens provides so many benefits that even adults are starting to use Invisalign to straighten their teeth.

But what is it about Invisalign that makes it so different from traditional braces? Read on to learn all about the biggest advantages of straightening your teeth with Invisalign!

1. Improve Your Smile With Invisalign

In many ways, Invisalign is the best and most efficient way to straighten teeth. For one thing, most teens only need Invisalign treatment for somewhere between 6 and 12 months. Of course, there are always exceptional cases that take somewhat longer.

However, traditional braces tended to take multiple years to straighten teeth. This improvement in speed alone is enough to make Invisalign a much better option than traditional braces in the majority of cases.

However, just because you will be enjoying your straight teeth faster does not mean that the process will be more arduous. In fact, Invisalign achieves these effects faster while also being far more convenient.

2. Be Discreet With Clear Aligners

One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional braces is that they stand out so much. This is probably the biggest reason that most adults used to think of braces as something for teens or children.

However, modern Invisalign aligners are transparent. They are discreet and do not draw attention to themselves. Many people you meet will never even notice that you have them on.

Of course, some people will notice them, but they will not draw nearly as much attention to themselves as traditional metal braces.

3. Take Out Your Aligners Whenever You Need

Another big problem with traditional braces is that they are impossible to remove. No matter how special the occasion was, it was necessary for people with braces to keep them on throughout it.

However, you can take out Invisalign aligners at a moment’s notice.

It is important to wear Invisalign aligners as many hours of the day as possible. The less you wear them, the slower they will straighten your teeth. If you avoid wearing them too much, your teeth might even start to shift back into poor alignment.

However, you can still take your aligners out whenever you eat. You can also take them out to brush your teeth.

You can even get away with removing them once in a while for a special occasion. That can come in handy during photo shoots!

4. You Can Continue Normal Eating Habits

People wearing traditional braces could not eat certain foods at all. If foods were too hard or too sticky, they could knock off metal brackets or bend metal wires. Not only would this slow down the teeth alignment process, but it would also require extra visits to the orthodontist.

Teens who received traditional braces often had to memorize lists of dozens of foods that they needed to avoid. However, with Invisalign braces, you do not have to adjust your eating habits in any way. Since you can remove your aligners, no food of any kind will have any negative effect on them.

That also means that there is a much lower chance that you will need any extra visits to the orthodontist. That makes Invisalign braces much more reliable. This is just one more way that Invisalign braces can save you time and money compared to traditional options.

5. You Don’t Need to Learn New Oral Hygiene Practices

Traditional braces often come with a toolkit of special oral hygiene tools. Teens needed to use special toothbrushes to get under their braces wires and between their brackets. Flossing is even more complicated.

However, when you have Invisalign braces, you do not need to adjust your oral hygiene habits in any way. You will remove your Invisalign aligners to brush your teeth and floss, so they will not have any effect on your oral hygiene practices.

The only new thing you will need to do is keep your aligners clean. However, cleaning your aligners does not require any special tools. Your toothbrush will be more than up to the job!

6. Enjoy a More Comfortable Experience

Traditional braces tended to cause cuts and scrapes in the mouth. As teeth shifted their positions, the metal wires of traditional braces would sometimes stick out more and poke the cheek.

On top of that, every bracket would rub against the inside of the mouth, toughening the skin and creating calluses. Traditional braces also caused more discomfort as they aligned teeth.

In contrast, Invisalign aligners provide superior comfort in all of these respects. No part of the tooth alignment process will cause any damage to the skin in your mouth.

There is still some discomfort as the deeper structures of your mouth align and become straighter. However, even this discomfort is milder with modern Invisalign options.

Understand the Biggest Benefits of Invisalign for Teens

The benefits of Invisalign for teens make them a far better option than traditional braces in many cases. Understanding more about the advantages of Invisalign can help you decide if they are the right choice for your situation. As technology continues to progress, it should come as no surprise that old methods of straightening teeth become obsolete.

To learn more about how you can enjoy the advantages of Invisalign for teens, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!